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Mommyluscious Me

Frabellicious Week

January 25, 2013

Frabelle foods was good enough to surprise us with a cold hamper full of their stuff to try. I was honestly not a fan of processed foods as I found most choices in the supermarket too salty, too sweet , too dry or from legendary doubtful origins.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only were the Frabelle products consistent in taste and quality, they were also made from lean, top-quality meats and seafood. My family was no less impressed, especially my Mom who isn’t into processed food either. Hubby RF, my Dad and sister liked the Frabelle Foods Captain’s Catch Shrimp Popcorn that came with a really nice Sweet Chili sauce and the Frabelle Foods Captain’s Catch Fish Nuggets that had BBQ sauce. I was hoping the kids would have a bite of the shrimp and the fish nuggets, but it was so good (and the adults were ravenous while the kids were asleep) that the impromptu midnight snack was demolished as soon as the serving plate hit the table.

Just some of the yummy food we can enjoy with Frabelle Foods!

The longganizas, hotdogs and tocino were succulent and had the right balance of sweetness, cheezyness and/or saltiness. You wouldn’t be left gagging for water or choking to dilute the taste with mouthfuls of rice. The kids found the tocino to be soft and very tasty that they asked to have a steady supply of it! Of course, I said that we’ll include it in the monthly meal plan along with other food choices like fresh vegetables, fruits and other meats and seafood 😀

We were also able to enjoy the bacon, ham and other meats as part of the paella my Mom cooked. It was a little soupy though so it kind of ended up as a really thick congee of sorts. Nevertheless, it was no less tasty and healthy for Oona recovering from roseola and her sisters who needed to buck up their body’s defenses!

Served with veggies and fruits, Frabelle Foods gave us more than just a week of good food! I also really appreciate the break from having to go to the grocery too! But of course, as soon as supplies are out, off we go to the grocery to hunt down more of our Frabelle Food FAVORITES!

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Laya Garcellano-Florendo is Mommyluscious: SAHM, breastfeeding advocate and Domestic Mother-Goddess to Daddy RF, daughters Oona and Olly.

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