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Mommyluscious Me

Date Day With Oona

January 20, 2013

So roseola paid us a visit twice this season, starting with Eva and Oona being the latest “victim”! I just hope Olly doesn’t come out with it anytime soon. As it is, it’s only just now that I’ve been able to breathe and sit down to tackle all the backlog it’s generated!

Henihoo, before she got sick, Oona was being especially malambing, saying “Mom, I want a date day with you!” So I decided to take her with me to the First Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals I got invited to. We’d take an MRT train ride, leisurely walk through Megamall and Podium, then watch the finals at Cafe 1771 and enjoy an after-party for us two at McDo if she’s still amped up. Well, that was the plan! We ended up taking a cab, walking through a park at Emerald Ave. and her complaining that we walked too far (which we did cos I took the longer “more scenic” route of this-is-where-mom-and-dad-used-to-work tour). I also forgot my camera phone so I have Earthlingorgeous, Sammy Tan of the Tummy Diaries and Leira Pagaspas to thank for these pics!

Nevertheless, she was sooo excited at the prospect of seeing REAL chefs! I was thinking that there would be some cooking going on and she’d get to see the chefs in action. We’re a real foodie family and if the cable isn’t on at BabyTV or Junior Disney, it’s on TLC with Cake Boss and Nigella. So, of course she’d be psyched! She was even asking if she could say which one was the winner and give the prize 😀 I just explained to her that we’re just going to watch but she can still tell me which one she thinks should win when we taste the food.

Our favorite foods at the Finals: CREAM DORY WRAPPED IN BACON
and SMOKED HAM AND EGG IN CHOUX BUNS (Oona’s favorite!)
Oona with the Blogger Belles of Frabelle :D

It was a really busy place, full media coverage from the channels and broadsheets while we bloggers shared one long table. Unfortunately there was no cooking going on as the Finals entries have been prepared beforehand. Nevertheless, we were still able to taste everything and got to vote who the Blogger’s Choice was! It turns out that the Mudrabelles’ pick was also the day’s winner!

The Winner! Mommy Chef Nenette Tiangkiao and the Frabelle Stuffed Chicken

There were also other food there that we totally loved although Oona’s favorites were the “Star Bread” (the Smoked Ham and Egg in Choux Buns) and Cream Dory wrapped in Bacon, chased down with Cafe 1771’s Iced Tea 😀 My personal favorite, apart from the Stuffed Chicken, was the Roasted Potato Salad with Hickory Smoked Bacon, Longganiza Hamonado and Honey Glazed Ham.

Yummy Potato Salad is also a winner for us!
With Pehpot, Mauie and Iris 😀
The lovely lady bloggers at Frabelle!

Of course, what made the day all the more enjoyable was being able to be with long-time online friends that I barely get face time with, and made new friends! 😀 It was also a day to teach Oona about social graces and how to behave in a place and event like that. She was okay during the first two hours, but then her 5 year oldness started to kick in and I knew it was time to change programming. After all, it was an essentially an adult place and happening.

Nevertheless, we had a fine time and she still remembers the “Star Bread” which she says should win a prize too 😀 Going home, we were surprised at the lovely food that Frabelle gave us to try! Of course, that’s going to be a separate post because I can’t rave about them enough! It also served us well during the entire two weeks all systems were down because of our virus visitor. Oona got a fever the next day and bloomed into rashes after! With two kids up and one kid down, doing the groceries was out of the question so Frabelle saved us all 😀


For sure, Oona and I will be going on more dates together, but maybe next time, it would have to be more of her and me. I enjoyed myself but she was a little out of place :( After all, she iz only 5!

Photo CREDITS: Ms. Earth Rullan, Sammy Tan and Leirs Pagaspas.

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Laya Garcellano-Florendo is Mommyluscious: SAHM, breastfeeding advocate and Domestic Mother-Goddess to Daddy RF, daughters Oona and Olly.

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